Progressive State Leaders Committee Southwestern States Project Focus Group and Survey Findings October 2023

Since 2016, PSLC has tackled a number of issue areas, including highlighting the role state
attorneys general played in advocating for constituents during the COVID-19 pandemic,
addressing daily healthcare concerns, advancing criminal justice reform, safeguarding the
environment, and protecting the integrity of elections and the right to vote.

To further its policy goals, PSLC runs education and advocacy campaigns. In 2020, PSLC ran
an education program in three states: North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. This
campaign aimed to educate constituents on the role of AGs in healthcare, rural healthcare,
consumer protection, and public safety and crime—specifically addressing the rape kit testing

In 2022, PSLC conducted a research project to dive deeper into constituents’ views on their AG
in the southwest region of the U.S. PSLC retained the public opinion research firm GBAO to
conduct this research. In August 2022, GBAO conducted focus groups with white suburban
voters and Hispanic voters in five states in the Southwest: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,
Nevada and Texas.