Current Issues

COVID-19 Pandemic

State Attorneys General (AGs) play an important role in protecting consumers against bad actors and unscrupulous businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this role is even more critical to protect frontline workers, student borrowers, and other vulnerable communities. State AGs can stop price-gouging, shut down scams, and get relief for people who are facing financial trouble during this crisis. State AGs have taken action to:

  • Provide guidance to student borrowers on how to understand the resources allocated by the CARES Act
  • Push large corporations to provide paid family leave during the pandemic
  • Advocate for a pause in eviction proceedings and foreclosures
  • Protect SNAP benefits for those that rely on this much-needed benefit
  • Urge utility companies to postpone late payment fees and service shut-offs
  • Fight against hate crimes and discrimination against the Asian American and Pacific Islander populations
  • Support adequate funding and resources for schools and college campuses
  • Defend state leaders and state executive orders to help keep people safe as state’s begin phased re-openings

PSLC highlights and defends the work of state Attorneys General who have been fighting to keep people safe during this pandemic.

Health Care

Health care is fundamental to our everyday lives. For over a decade, there has been a coordinated effort by conservative elected officials to strip health care from millions across the country, including those with pre-existing conditions. State AGs have taken steps to protect health care by:

  • Defending the Affordable Care Act and its critical protections from a conservative effort to overturn the law;
  • Fighting for affordable prescription drug prices;
  • Combating the opioid crisis; 
  • Protecting access to reproductive health care;
  • Pushing back against efforts to allow discrimination in the health care industry; and
  • Advocating for increased coronavirus testing and vital protective equipment for healthcare workers during the pandemic.

PLSC highlights and defends the work of state Attorneys General protecting access to meaningful health care.

Criminal Justice Reform & Seeking Justice for Survivors

State Attorneys General (AGs) work with local law enforcement and community advocates to pursue progressive criminal justice policies and seek justice for victims and survivors of violence. This critical work includes:

  • Implementing progressive prosecution policies within their offices; 
  • Pushing for safe and legal restrictions on firearms;
  • Working with state legislatures to pass modern criminal justice laws; 
  • Advocating for the authority to investigate unconstitutional policing when the federal government fails to do so;
  • Reforming the cash bail system;
  • Fighting for federal protections for student survivors of sexual violence and harassment; and
  • Providing leadership to address the sexual assault kit backlogs, ensure speedy testing of new SAKs, prosecute perpetrators, and advocate for additional funding and resources for sexual assault survivors.

PSLC highlights and defends the work of state AGs who are focused on a more equitable justice system and committed to working with law enforcement and community leaders to seek justice for all.

Election Integrity

State Attorneys General (AGs) ensure the integrity of elections and safeguard the right to vote. State AGs are working to keep the public and elections safe by:

  • Protecting vote-by-mail efforts and halting significant changes at the United States Postal Service weeks before Election Day;
  • Advocating for safe alternatives to in-person voting, including voting-by-mail and ballot drop boxes during the pandemic; 
  • Combating disinformation campaigns and efforts to encourage voter fraud, such as voting more than once;
  • Defending state laws geared towards protecting access to the ballot box
  • Working with the Secretaries of State, Governors, county and local officials to protect the election process including collaborating with the Voter Protection Program; and
  • Defending laws that seek to protect the right to vote and ensure every eligible vote is counted.

A thriving democracy allows its citizens to actively participate in open and fair elections. PSLC highlights and defends the work of state AGs who are dedicated to protecting the right to vote and making sure every vote is counted.